About Us

Our story started with the foundation of Uluslu Engineering and today we continue to serve in different sectors with 3 group companies. Since our launch we have grown from a handful of people to one of the Turkey’s largest Aluminum producers of high quality home furnishings. 

Unlike most companies, we manufacture nearly everything in our facilities in Düzce and Tuzla. Totally 32 K sq meter production areas are allowing us to manufacture by skilled teams and we pride ourselves by the quality of their work. From taking delivery of the raw materials to shipping them out to customers we take painstaking care to ensure they meet our exacting standards. 

Over 120 people work at Uluslu country wide, helping to promote its positive attitude and achievements as a family-run company.

Our Companies


Uluslu Engineering

Production of more than active 2250 types of profiles, made from alloys 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082 and others, with the capacity up to 600 tons per month, and with the compliance of requirements of EN 755-3, EN 755-2, EN 755-9.


Uluslu Aluminium

  • Press with extruding force 1100 US Tones
  • Press with extruding force 1460 US Tones

    Fabrication facilities includes; Computerized fine tolerance cut to length, CNC extrusion machine center, Machining bed and CNC rolled product router.


Uluslu Energy

We have started our hydroelectric power station in 2013 and have been working directly to the government since.

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